Recording At Orphan Studios


Just wanted to share some exciting news…
This weekend Hazel and I went to Orphan Recording Studio in Dublin to record our 2nd EP with the mighty Gavin Glass.

You might recognise Gav from his work with Lisa Hannigan or as a singer/songwriter in his own right.
Gavin was great to work with and we feel he really got the best out of us. He also added some of his awsomeness to the tracks, playing the additional guitar and bass parts (I’ll let you in on a secret – he may have added a little harmonium too 😉 ).

Hazel’s sister Emer joined us for a tune on piano too.

We recorded and mixed five songs in total over two days and it’s an understatement to say we’re delighted with the results.

We’re hoping to release the EP in June independently on CD and on itunes and bandcamp. We’ll be announcing gigs and other fun stuff shortly too.

Hazel and I in the studio

Hazel and I in the studio

Stay tuned for more info!